Tim Brown is Australia’s most experienced teacher of Vedic Meditation, having taught more than 3,000 people to meditate over the last 16 years. Tim teaches children from five years of age, parents, elite sportspeople, people involved in the corporate world and those pursuing creative endeavours, seeking more calm, clarity, creativity and energy in their lives.

Watch the short video below for an understanding of Vedic Meditation and its benefits.


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I must say I’m really enjoying the meditation practice. I have found it drops you in deeper with more ease compared to other techniques I’ve tried. I’ve easily managed to incorporate meditation sessions each day - a few days I actually did 3! It’s given me an energy boost after some hectic/stressful shifts at work too.- Nicole
Tim I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time last week. I have been searching for some way to de-stress my life for some time now, both the personal and work side of things. I cannot explain to anyone who hasn’t meditated the craziness of the experience. I have felt lighter, less stressed and happier in the past week and a half than I have in the past two years. I cannot thank you enough for passing on this amazing gift.- Stacey
What a truly wonderful gift you have shared with me, and with such ease, grace, light and love – thank you. It was the simplest of techniques yet a lifetime could not come close to fully understanding nor embracing its possibilities – yet what a journey to be on… Just the fact that for 40 minutes every day one practices acceptance itself – to be with all that is and all that isn’t – that in itself, aside from all the other startling benefits, could change one’s perspective and life in wonderful and radical ways.- Dean
Meditation helps me have a healthier flower pot in my head, calms the bouncy castle in my mind and allows me to ignore the roadrunner - amongst other things!- Joi
I have been meditating twice each day for nearly 8 months now and find increasing benefit from the practice; life is very much more pleasant and I can take the challenges of each day so much more in my stride and in spite of increasing years, accomplish all I want to and sometimes more.- Jennifer
The pressures of the HSC present a very challenging period in the life of any teenager ... Initially critical of the claimed advantages such as deep rest and its associated benefits, I was soon proved wrong, noticing improvements in my clarity of thought, ability to concentrate and study, and a deep sense of relaxation after every session. At its basic level; meditation provided me with the rest I needed to supplement a rigid routine of study, exercise and co-curricular activities. Monday night meetings also provided a nice break to escape the HSC lifestyle and to present reality again to me-something which was easy to lose sight of when I was so absorbed in my own pursuits. I sometimes wonder how I might have got through certain points in the year if I hadn’t had ‘the practice’.- Justin

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With the correct technique and instruction it is simple and in fact effortless, bringing immediate rest, relaxation and ease to the mind and body.

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