Rounding is the advanced technique that we practice on residential weekend retreats. It is a powerful tool that gives our practice an extra boost.

Vedic knowledge has long valued the technique of Rounding, which involves a specific sequence of gentle yoga asana, breathing technique (pranayama) and meditation. The effect of this combination is to increase the impact of our meditation, fast tracking the removal of stress, fatigue and tension from our bodies, and we all know how much better we operate with less of those on board.

Rounding can be a very powerful de-stressing experience, and for this reason initial instruction must always be in-person.

Learn to Round, private program
If you feel it is time to upgrade your practice and your daily experiences, then a full or half-day rounding retreat can be an excellent step. Tim will instruct you in the Rounding sequence and keep a close eye on you throughout the retreat. Both retreat programs include a de-brief consultation with Tim at the conclusion of the retreat and the full day retreat includes a light lunch.


Learn to Round, half~day private retreat   $350

Learn to Round, full~day private retreat   $660

To make arrangements for a private Rounding Retreat, please contact us.