Residential weekend retreats are an advanced course for those who have already undertaken a course of instruction with Tim. The retreats provide a time to allow the release of deep-rooted stresses and fatigue; accelerating your progress towards higher states of consciousness, bringing experiences of greater energy, clarity and bliss. Over the weekend there is instruction in simple yoga positions and breathing techniques designed especially to maximise the benefits of extra meditation. For meditators who attend a weekend retreat for the first time, it is an opportunity to gain deep layers of rest and enhanced experiences in meditation and to learn advanced techniques to be included in daily practice. Lapsed meditators enjoy the chance to re-engage with their practice and receive private checking of their meditation to ensure full experiences are being enjoyed. Advanced meditators enjoy time for their rounding program and advanced meetings in an environment conducive to the further development of consciousness and awareness. The retreats provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a weekend of industrial strength meditation to prepare for the coming months refreshed and revitalised. Such a weekend is the equivalent of 6 months morning and evening meditation. Course participants report that such a weekend brings the benefits of 2-3 weeks holiday in just three days.


Fri 3 – Mon 6 March
Quest for Life Centre, Bundanoon

We will be returning to the Quest for Life Centre for our first residential retreat for 2017.
Accommodation is single, ensuite and the menu for the weekend will be deeply nourishing vegetarian food.
Course fee $1,650

Fri 28 July – Tues 1 August
Tallow Beach Cottages, Byron Bay

Our annual retreat to warmer weather, delicious food and beach strolls.
Accommodation is two single-occupancy bedroom cottages with shared bathroom.
Course fee $1,900

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