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In these challenging times and with ways for us to enjoy group experience limited, I want to provide you with the knowledge and techniques from our tradition that will allow you to make excellent use of your time. In these coming weeks and months ahead, the application of these complementary yogic practices will enable you to continue to develop and deepen your meditation experiences, even if you find yourself isolated.

These ancient techniques will unlock the body (asana), then the breath (pranayama) before meditating, opening up profound, unbounded experiences in meditation that can otherwise be difficult to access.

Asana and pranayama are techniques that every meditator should be adding to their daily practice during these times.

The beauty of these combined practices is that all we need is the space of a yoga mat or a beach towel to practice and enjoy the benefits of these powerful yogic techniques. They assist in unlocking, expanding, and developing our inner stillness and contentment and to enhance our stability mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The yoga asana sequence is very gentle and requires no previous experience or instruction in yoga – it is so mild that simply thinking the asana is considered enough! The pranayama (breathing exercise) can be performed by anyone, and there are ways to adapt your practice even if you have breathing issues.

To put this in context and to understand the powerful nature of these practices to our daily program, in ancient Vedic times, when someone was imprisoned, they were placed on this program on for the duration of their incarceration, emerging as rehabilitated citizens!

Learn these beneficial additional practices with instruction by Tim and demonstration by Valerie Williams.

Make this time of isolation your chrysalis.

On completion of this tutorial, you are able to join the Isolation Half-Day Rounding Retreats that Tim is conducting:

Sunday Afternoons 2.00 – 6.00pm

(For the duration of lockdown)

This two-hour tutorial is a recording of the live online workshop and includes instruction in pranayama & asana and a 20-minute meditation.
The workshop fee is $150

Contact us via email to receive the link and payment details