Advanced Mantra Technique (AMT) courses are designed to deepen the meditation experience and allow meditators to enjoy higher and more inclusive states of consciousness more quickly. AMTs can be taken every 12 months by meditators who are regular with their practice. Through an adjustment to the mantra the mind is able to access “Ritam”, or the finest and most creative level of thinking more easily.

We have upgraded the AMT course experience and they are now conducted as either one-on-one-tuition or as part of a group course, and are completed in one two-hour appointment.


The course fee for a private AMT course is $660.
To make arrangements for a private AMT course, please contact us.
Please register here for upcoming Group AMT courses.
The group AMT course fee is $440.


“The advanced meditation course last week exceeded my expectations- thank you so much. Being a full time stay at home mum to a 2 year old and 4 month old I had started feeling worn out and looking for a break, something to kick start me and make me feel like myself again. Even my regular practice wasn’t giving me the lift it has in the past. My husband, also a meditator, encouraged me and helped me to make the time in our busy evening schedules to get there, reminding me it was an investment not just for me but for our entire family. To be in an environment with like minded people who understand the power of mediation was uplifting. To share my experience of meditating through 2 pregnancies and 2 beautiful, natural, and calm labours was refreshing. Normally when I share my birth stories other mums look at me like I’m crazy- how could I have enjoyed the experience and I must be exaggerating. Other meditators get it, and also appreciate it” Melissa – 4 year meditator

“Tim, just wanted to thank you so very much … I enjoyed being in a group environment, the energy was awesome! Also learnt so much from you and that was great as well. This latest addition to the mantra along with your teaching has taken me to a new level and am thoroughly enjoying floating along at the moment and taking my conscious to places it has not been before. So, Tim, thank you sincerely for what you do.” Janet – 5 year meditator

“After taking my 1st Advanced Mantra, I have started to enjoy deeper meditations – the adjustment to my mantra has made a real difference to my experience inside of meditation and I find that inner quietness with in myself is there more and more of the time, even amongst my hectic lifestyle. Loving it!” Jane – 12 month meditator

“I can’t believe that I waited so long to take my 1st Advanced Mantra – I should have done it years ago. I am experiencing deeper more blissful states in my meditation and I feel as though I have really moved forward with my practice. Although my practice was great before hand it is even better now – it is like that wonderful experience that I had when I first started meditating!” Paul – 7 year meditator

“I am loving my Second Advanced Mantra – it just continues to astound me that these techniques can make so much of a difference to my meditation experience and daily life. I am already looking forward to taking my 3rd Advanced Mantra in 12 months time – book me in!” Nick – 3 year meditator