The Veda is the ancient record of spiritual experience that is the source of the arts and sciences of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation, and the whole of Indian philosophy. Knowledge of the Veda is said to confer mastery of all the laws of nature, because the Veda is structured as universal knowledge available within everyone’s consciousness, it is the blueprint of creation.

The Exploring the Veda Course is a seven-part program. The first six instalments of the program are made up of recorded lecturing by Thom Knoles, facilitated by Tim Brown. Thom is recognised as one of the world’s foremost teachers of the Veda’s true meaning and application. In the Exploring the Veda program Thom delves deeply into the Veda and draws out pearls of wisdom that are nothing short of life-changing.

Students of Exploring the Veda learn techniques for deepening meditation, and for manifesting the life experiences that reveal true fulfillment.

To undertake Exploring the Veda program, you must have completed a course of instruction in meditation with Tim or one of his colleagues.

Each program of the course is comprised of audio files that participants listen to privately and a 90-minute consultation with Tim after each instalment to review the content of the course and discuss in greater detail any questions you may have. The course fee is $660 per instalment

To make arrangements to undertake the Exploring the Veda program, please contact us.