Please note Monday night group meditation and q & a meetings will continue to be held during these challenging times. Meetings will be ONLINE, via Zoom. Details on how to register are below. There is the opportunity to join these groups in-person for five people each week, details below.

Monday night meditation meetings provide a unique opportunity to meditate with a group. This is always a beneficial experience, the effect of a group of people all quieting their mind at the same time is an increase the potency of the experience for all present.

Monday nights also provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your practice and its application and to listen to the questions of others. Plenty of ‘ah, yes’ moments occur in these meetings.

There are now two formats for you to enjoy the Monday night meetings, so no excuses!


Due to social distancing requirements, Tim can accommodate five people in person in his room for Monday night group meditation. You MUST register online to join these meetings. Register here.


The meetings will be held live via Zoom. To receive the Zoom link, please register on the Tim Brown Group Meditation Facebook page and answer the questions presented there. We will then authenticate you and you will be able to join the meetings live or view the recordings at your leisure.

They are not held on NSW Public Holidays or over the Christmas period. 

3. Audio Recordings

For those of you who would like to use this time to extend and deepen your meditation practice and knowledge, we have published some of Tim’s old Monday night meetings here. You will need to create a login to be granted permission to access these, simply follow the directions on the page and this will be processed.

“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying listening to the recordings of the Monday night meditations. Isn’t technology great! I don’t manage to tune in live, as I’m usually toddler wrangling 🙂 but to be able to sit down quietly, meditate and listen to the chat/discussion at another time when my baby is asleep is such a support, especially with the isolation of farm life. I feel motivated and connected with my practice again. Plus, there’s that feeling of connection to you and the other meditators in Sydney and all over the world! So, thank you. Feeling very grateful to have this kind of support.”     Alex