Tim conducts Introductory Talks in person to give people an understanding of meditation and its application so they can make an informed decision about whether they would like to learn to meditate.

Introductory Talks run for one hour, they cover:

  • Understanding the relevance of meditation in modern day living
  • The technique itself
  • The benefits of practicing meditation
  • The structure of a course of instruction
  • An opportunity to ask questions.


GROUP INTRODUCTORY TALKS are held in Paddington on Monday nights at 6pm. These talks are free of charge and obligation. Dates and registration details for these here.

GROUP INTRODUCTORY TALKS ONLINE are held once per month via Skype for those of you who are unable to meet with Tim in Paddington. Dates and registration details for these here.

PRIVATE INTRODUCTORY TALKS can be arranged by appointment, these incur a fee of $300 which will be credited to your course fee should you decide to proceed with a course of instruction. To make arrangements for a private intro talk, please contact us via email.