Private mentoring sessions and mentoring packages are for those who have already undertaken a course of instruction in meditation with Tim.

Tim is available to meet with people privately, either as a one-off appointment to refresh their practice or learn techniques to increase the benefits they experience through their practice, or as a part of a private mentoring program. Mentoring programs allow participants to refine their meditation and further understand its application and relevance in daily life. All aspects of modern living can be covered in these meetings; including artful approaches and strategies for enhancing ones own experience of oneself and interactions with others. Those who meet regularly with Tim in this manner report gaining great results in their personal and professional lives by applying the approaches and strategies developed in these meetings.
Private mentoring sessions run for 80 minutes (60 mins consultation time + 20 mins meditation), consultation rates are $380 per session. Please click here for details of pre-paid packages.

Some of the many topics that can be covered in Mentoring Sessions include:


Learn a breathing exercise that deepens meditation practice and allows you to cut through thought-filled experience to more readily access the benefits your meditation brings.


Learn a yoga asana sequence that is designed specifcally to dovetail with your meditate practice to enhance the effects of your practice through the physical realm.


Learn a simple yoga asana sequence that can be practiced daily to deepen and develop your meditation experience. You can practice this sequence anywhere (even the back of an aeroplane).


If you have fallen out of your practice and would like a refresher in order to re-engage with your meditation and gain the benefits of meditation again quickly, book a time with Tim to remember how to approach meditation correctly in order to do so.


Discuss your personal experience with relationships and develop an understanding and strategies to cultivate fulfilling and fruitful relationships, both personal and professional.


Are you going through significant change and wrestling with it? Come and learn how to embrace and facilitate change in any area of life gracefully, rather than with the resistance that prolongs progressive change.


Come and discuss with Tim your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha) and how to adopt lifestyle changes that can assist in balancing that constitution in order to bring greater ease and health to the mind and body.


Are you attempting to get pregnant, or expecting a baby? Come and learn how to cultivate a healthy conducive state in the body to conceive, how to employ meditation during pregnancy, labour and the early years of child rearing.

To book time a private consultation, please contact us.