For meditation to be effortless you need to use a suitable mantra partnered with correct instruction. The mantra is a super-refined sound that has an intrinsically charming quality. In everyday life the mind naturally seeks greater charm and during meditation it engages with the mantra due to its charming nature.


During this process the mind moves from the active, thought filled layers through the quieter, more peaceful layers until it reaches the most subtle level of thought. At this point it lets go of the mantra and moves beyond thinking, coming to a complete state of rest. Here you are able to enjoy the experience of the mind and body completely at rest, yet still be awake and aware (conscious) inside. This is referred to as the experience of pure consciousness, bliss consciousness or Being!


By exposing the mind to this quiet state the mind is able to easily come into contact with the source of ALL clarity, creativity, energy and intelligence. It brings these qualities forward to ensure you enjoy positive impacts throughout the day. The more regularly you access this state, the more readily you are able to bring these qualities into your daily interactions and reap the benefits.


Once instructed correctly it is possible for you to meditate anywhere you can sit and close your eyes, including an office, a park or even on a bus or train. Indeed, the practice is so subtle and effortless that people around you won’t even be aware you are meditating. We suggest you practice twice a day for 20 minutes – once in the morning to prepare for the day and once again in the evening to eliminate the stress and tension of the day. Many who have tried other meditation practices and have not been able to ‘quieten’ their minds find that this practice does exactly that for them … without effort, force or the need to concentrate.

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