Tim Brown, Australia’s leading Vedic Meditation teacher is sought after as a teacher and mentor to captains of industry, TV personalities, elite athletes including current Wallabies and Australian Cricket team members, inmates at Long Bay Goal, artists, people from the corporate world, and kids from 5 years of age(of meditating parents), HSC students, university students, parents!

Tim believes that the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation is now, more than ever a valuable if not a necessary tool, for everyone in this age of high stimulation, travel and technology. To be able to “defrag” mentally, physically and emotionally is a critical skill and it has to be done anywhere, in a short period of time with few, if any prerequisites. Meditating on a bus, train, plain, couch at home or at the desk at work is not a problem…if you know what you’re doing.

Tim has taught more than 6,000 people to meditate over 20 years of dedicated teaching and has seen his clients become inspired by the clarity, inspiration and calm that comes from their daily Meditation practice.