We all lead full and busy lives and with the rigors of modern day living as well as the demands we place on ourselves (family, friends, earning a living and the rapidly changing environment) we accumulate stress, fatigue and tension in the mind and body. This has a depleting and detrimental effect. It robs us, and all those around us, of our clear thinking, creative, energetic, intelligent, happy and healthy self. When this happens we can feel a sense of something lacking or incompleteness and we are unable to enjoy our lives to the fullest.


Meditation is the antidote to stress, tension and fatigue and the key to accessing more of our higher qualities, more often. When instructed properly, meditation is a life skill that we can easily learn and practice with broad reaching positive effects – primarily to ourselves but also to our families, our friends, our society and our world.


Spending just a few minutes each day in the morning and evening meditating can have an enormous impact on all areas of our lives. We can be fully present and enjoy what is right in front of us right now, knowing that we have the inner strength to cope with all that life brings to us without being overwhelmed or negatively impacted. The reasons people take up meditation are numerous and typically include one or more of the following:

· Stress Management
· Change Management
· Relationship Development
· Improved Parenting
· Development of Consciousness
· Health Management (avoiding illness)
· Athletic Performance
· Leadership Improvement

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