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The pressures of the HSC present a very challenging period in the life of any teenager … Initially critical of the claimed advantages such as deep rest and its associated benefits, I was soon proved wrong, noticing improvements in my clarity of thought, ability to concentrate and study, and a […]

I have been meditating twice each day for nearly 8 months now and find increasing benefit from the practice; life is very much more pleasant and I can take the challenges of each day so much more in my stride and in spite of increasing years, accomplish all I want […]

Since I started meditating 9 months ago, I have experienced deeper and more meaningful relationships with friends and family, and reprioritised my work-life balance…Overall I have gained a sense of calm, lightness of being and increased meaning and enjoyment to life.

What a truly wonderful gift you have shared with me, and with such ease, grace, light and love – thank you. It was the simplest of techniques yet a lifetime could not come close to fully understanding nor embracing its possibilities – yet what a journey to be on… Just […]

Practising VM regularly and consistently, twenty minutes twice a day, the everyday chaos of life becomes playful and I can take pleasure from everything I do. The feeling of being ‘snowed under’ and ’stressed out’ evaporates and I feel calm and in control. I make better decisions that keep things […]

Meditation has, without doubt, provided me with the tools and confidence to cope with the anxiety around performing consistently at an elite level. Furthermore, it has given me the perspective to deal with the high and lows in terms of results, performance and external feedback. Because the method of meditation […]